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Opposition parties to boycott Diet debate

Opposition parties to boycott Diet debate

Six opposition parties in Japan have agreed not to take part in Diet deliberations, due to revelations that the Finance Ministry tampered with documents related to a controversial sale of state land. The agreement was reached on Monday afternoon by senior members of...

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Much at stake for the Japan–EU trade deal

The announcement of the Japan–EU Economic Partnership Agreement (JEEPA) on 6 July 2017 was timed perfectly: the day before the G20 summit in Hamburg. At a time of growing concern about economic integration and US unilateralism, JEEPA signals that complex trade...

Repositioning the US–Japan alliance under Trump

As the Trump wrecking ball swings at the machinery of US relations in Asia and the Pacific, US allies are quietly contemplating how to best respond to the new reality. The pain of this is particularly acute in Japan. Throughout the postwar era the US–Japan alliance...

Getting down to business on Japan–China relations

When considering the state of Japan–China relations, much attention has been paid to fluctuations in the bilateral economic relationship. Given the political insecurities of East Asia — with tensions on the Korean peninsula, ambiguous US policy intentions and the...

The invisible Japanese

There are approximately 3000 children born in Japan each year that are bureaucratically, administratively and legally invisible. Many of these invisible children grow up to be invisible adults and spend their lives on the periphery of Japanese society, unable to...

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