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Aso admits documents altered, offers apology

Aso admits documents altered, offers apology

Aso admits documents altered: Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso has acknowledged that officials from his ministry altered 14 documents in connection with the controversial sale of state-owned land to school operator Moritomo Gakuen. Aso told a news conference on...

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Should the EU be considered a model for ASEAN?

The debate about whether the EU is a model for other regions has been around for some time. Former British foreign secretary David Miliband suggested in 2007 that the EU should be a ‘model power’ rather than a ‘superpower’. The EU would show ‘other actors...

Why Southeast Asia and ASEAN are a strategic problem

While it is true that ASEAN has been successful in giving a complex region a sense of identity and largely avoiding interstate conflict, it may well be that its use-by-date is coming. This is not only because it consistently sweeps contentious issues under the carpet...

How should ASEAN respond to the North Korea threat?

In recent months, North Korea has raised tensions and aroused anxiety throughout the Asia Pacific, including Southeast Asia. Although ASEAN should be concerned about this threat given the grave security implications for the wider Asia Pacific region, it needs to be...

ASEAN’s pathway to engage the world

At the ASEAN Summit in Manila last month, Philippine President and this year’s ASEAN Chair Rodrigo Duterte declared that ASEAN stands at the centre and future of the Asia Pacific region. The declaration reflects ASEAN’s working plan and motto for this year:...

Japanese companies need to open up or shut down

Corporate governance has long been a hot topic for investors worldwide, but it is still a new concept in Japan. The increasing number of Japanese corporate scandals points to the need for a new approach to management. Many once-prominent companies seem to be unable to...

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